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I'm Mark Wille,
Your User-Friendly Non-Profit Consultant

If you're a current or aspiring non-profit leader, I encourage you to consider me--and this Web site--as your close companions on the road to professional success and personal fulfillment.

As a veteran adviser to non-profits whose pre-consulting experience includes successful, top-level staff involvement in fundraising, non-profit administration, and public relations, I'm qualified to help you tackle your organization's most pressing challenges.

Maybe you're struggling with difficult strategic planning and board development issues or a lackluster fundraising program. Or perhaps you need help starting a nonprofit organization. No matter what's keeping you awake at night, I'm here for you. Contact me today, and we'll launch a meaningful and productive partnership.

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(609) 610-5417


Please take a few minutes to learn about the full range of my cost-effective consulting services.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions... You've Come to the Right Place!
  • Are you, as the Founder of a newly established 501c3 organization, greatly in need of advice and support from a nonprofit expert but unable to afford the cost?

  • Are you a frustrated, exhausted Executive Director whose micromanaging board members are testing the patience of you and your staff?

  • Has that fundraising or administrative position you were once so excited about become a living nightmare due to misread and unrealistic performance expectations?

  • Is your organization in excellent shape fiscally and in other respects but has yet to realize its full potential?

  • Are you, as a nonprofit Trustee, unfamiliar with your legal responsibilities and nonprofit governance best practices?

  • Did that in-depth strategic plan your organization prepared turn into a disappointing, dust-collecting paper weight?

  • Is your nonprofit agency in danger of folding because its board members are hesitant to spearhead--and take ownership of--the fundraising process?

  • Does the thought of raising charitable dollars from private or public funding sources give you high anxiety and a churning stomach?

  • Are you a nonprofit trustee who's thinking about resigning because your skills and ideas aren't being used and board meetings are an unproductive drain on your valuable time?

(609) 610-5417

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