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Hourly Phone or Skype Consultations

My hourly consult plan is an affordable and practical alternative to going it alone in today's highly competitive nonprofit marketplace.
Consider these sessions as a wise investment in your organization's sustained success and community impact.

It's easy to hire me.
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Appointment options are totally flexible and geared to meet your budget and specific needs. I'm available for a single, one-time session or for a series of appointments spanning weeks or months.

More About Hourly Phone Consults:

You won't have to worry about long distance charges. All phone consultations are conducted via Free Conference.com. When you book a conference time, I'll email you my dial in number and access code.

Phone consultations can involve one or more client representatives. For example, if you're an Executive Director, consider inviting some of your Board members to participate.

Consultation sessions can't be cancelled or rescheduled, and costs are non-refundable.

I'm a veteran writer/editor, so feel free to email me grant proposals, fundraising letters, reports, and other documents you'd like me to look at. I'll work with you during our hourly sessions to put power and sparkle into your prose. My primary objective: Helping you become a better writer who's capable of winning the hearts and minds of potential donors and other important decision-makers.

I may email you resource documents following our conversation, being clear about your interests in the shopping cart form will help me to prepare these resources ahead of time.

If I can't answer some of your questions or solve all of your problems during our conversation(s), I will point you to other resources that may prove helpful.

On rare occasions, for ethical and other reasons, I may decide not to engage in an hourly consultation with your organization. In these instances, full refunds will be provided via PayPal.