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A Comprehensive Look:

Today's uncertain and difficult times demand that nonprofit organizations make the most of their human capital. Bright, energetic staff and dedicated volunteers are wonderful to have--but if the organizational structure they're working within is flawed, their value will never be realized, and they'll probably seek fulfillment with competing agencies.

My firm is dedicated to empowering nonprofit leaders and the organizations they serve, enabling them to grow and thrive like never before. We do this by helping staff and volunteers understand and holistically apply four critical elements of nonprofit capacity building: Governance, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and Public Relations.

This dynamic process produces enduring, positive results in a short period of time--everything from surpassed fundraising goals to improved board performance, and reduced staff and volunteer turnover.

Also, because we believe that building solid organizational capacity is job one, we provide value-added assistance in all four of the aforementioned areas during the course of every consulting assignment.
For example, suppose you retain us to assess your Board of Directors and its effectiveness. As work progresses on this project, we'll make recommendations, gleaned from our free introductory consult and growing knowledge of your nonprofit, about how you can begin strengthening--and synergistically linking--your strategic planning, fundraising, and public relations operations.

So please give serious thought to working with us. We'll enable you to quickly capitalize on your internal strengths and achieve long-term success and community impact.

Primary Focus Areas

Board Training and Development

  • Board member roles and responsibilities workshops
  • In-depth Board assessments
  • Mentoring services
  • Trustee recruiting, development, and conflict resolution counsel
  • Non-Profit Governance materials preparation (board manuals, policy documents, etc.)

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Strategic Planning Assistance

  • Strategic Planning 101 workshops
  • Comprehensive plan development support (via Board retreats and other group meetings)
  • Determining and managing important pre-planning issues
  • Articulating the mission and vision
  • Environmental assessment (stakeholder interviews, SWOT analysis, critical issues identification)
  • Defining broad goals, specific objectives, and how to achieve objectives
  • Preparing a formal, written plan including the aforementioned information
  • Establishing goal attainment follow-up mechanisms
  • Plan implementation and modification assistance


  • Fundraising Fundamentals workshops
  • Development planning
  • Assessing institutional resource development strengths/challenges
  • Aligning fundraising plans with strategic objectives and volunteer leadership capabilities
  • Funding prospect research
  • Grant proposal preparation
  • Funding prospect cultivation/solicitation training and support (for staff and volunteers)
  • Direct mail appeals
  • Major gifts campaign planning and execution

Public Relations

  • PR planning services
  • Assessing communications strengths and challenges
  • Developing plans that dovetail with short and long-term strategic goals and volunteer leadership capabilities
  • Communications best practices training and mentoring for staff and volunteers
  • Branding issues
  • Media relations
  • Press releases
  • Internal communications
  • Marketing partnerships

Related Services

Executive Search

  • Organizational culture assessments
  • Job description preparation
  • Position announcement assistance
  • Candidate identification, assessment, interviews, and recommendations
  • Top candidate negotiation counsel


For corporate executives transitioning into the nonprofit realm.


For Development Officers, Executive Directors/CEO's and other staff

Strategic Partners

My alliance with this management consulting firm based in Trevose, PA enables me to help nonprofits make the most of their people assets by aligning their human capital development strategies with broad organizational strategic goals. HCCP specializes in bringing about successful organizational transformations. Focus areas include everything from management succession, mergers, and executive compensation to team and manager effectiveness. Additionally, HCCP's network of collaborative partners in areas such as IT, Finance, and large-scale staff training are additional resources I can rely upon, should the need arise.

My alliance with this firm enables me to provide nonprofits with high-level planned giving expertise.They'll work with your organization and its major donors to establish any and all tax-wise planned giving vehicles--everything from Gift Annuities and Pooled Income Funds to Charitable Remainder Trusts.

The Ewing/Cona group was founded with the goal of providing personalized wealth management attention via individual relationships while delivering the vast resources of the world's largest financial organization.

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